Fall Fun Unleashed: Trick-or-Treating and Fall Activities in Naples, Florida

Fall Activities in Naples Florida

Trick-or-treating is a beloved tradition during Halloween, but the weather can significantly impact the experience. Naples' warm weather offers several advantages over colder regions when it comes to trick-or-treating. I have listed some of the benefits of living in Naples and well as a long list of fall activities, please remember to confirm as some may change at the last minute.

The Benefits of Trick-or-Treating in Naples

How wonderful is it that children do not have to walk around in the cutest costumes ever, only to be covered up by having to wear heavy coats because of the cold weather. Southwest Florida offers one of the best climates to enjoy Halloween and trick or treating,  children can fully enjoy their costumes without the need for extra layers.

Secondly, warm weather provides a safer environment for trick-or-treaters. Slippery sidewalks and icy conditions are common hazards in colder regions during the fall season. In Naples, where snow and ice are non-existent (except for Snow Fest), children can navigate the streets more easily and reduce the risk of accidents.

Lastly, warm weather encourages community engagement during trick-or-treating. In colder regions, residents may be less inclined to spend time outside handing out candy due to the discomfort of standing in chilly temperatures. In Naples' warm climate, residents can comfortably greet trick-or-treaters at their doorsteps and engage in conversations with neighbors, fostering a sense of community spirit.

Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating

There are many amazing neighborhoods to trick or treat in, many of them only accessible if you live within the guarded gates. There are plenty of “open” neighborhoods, as well, for those who live in areas where trick or treating is not conducive – like Golden Gate Estates with long driveways and little street lighting. Don’t forget about Trunk or Treat, usually held at a church or other establishment. People decorate their trunks and pass out treats – this is a great option for a very safe experience as there is no traffic to worry about.

Gated communities that are great for trick or treating include: Indigo Lakes and Preserves, Pebblebrooke Lakes, Monterey, Wilshire Lakes, Autumn Woods, Saturnia Lakes, Riverstone, Stone Creek, and Raffia Preserve.

Non-gated communities that allow access to non-residents include Victoria Park, Willoughby Acres, Naples Park, and Tall Pines.

Many of the churches around town offer Trunk or Treat, a great safe experience where people line up their trunks, decorate them, and distribute candy and treats as the kids walk through the line-up. No traffic, cars, or running into the street – a wonderful experience for everyone.

Fall Activities in Naples Florida

Farmer Mike’s Fall Fest & Corn Maze – September 29  – November 5 https://www.farmermikesupick.com/

Southern Fresh Farms – September 30 – October 29 https://southernfreshfarms.com/festivalhours

Halloween Nights in the Gardens – Wonder Gardens – October 5 – 28 – 5 pm – 8 pm https://wondergardens.org/halloween-nights-in-the-gardens/

Halloween Howl - East Naples Community Park – October 13 - 6 – 8:00 pm https://www.collierparks.com/event-calendar/halloween-howl/

Ghouls of the Pool – Naples Eagle Lakes Park – October 14 – 2 pm – 4 pm https://www.facebook.com/events/eagle-lakes-community-park/naples-eagle-lakes-park-ghouls-in-the-pool/1691083048065432/

Mercato Pumpkin Patch – October 14 – 22 https://experiencemercato.com/events/mercato-pumpkin-patch/

Boo at the Zoo – October 14 – 9am – 1pm https://www.napleszoo.org/events-calendar/event/3379093

Cars and Coffee: Halloween Edition – Mercato – October 15 – 9 am – 11 am https://experiencemercato.com/events/cars-and-coffee-239-halloween-edition/

Haunted Hoedown – Mercato – October 17 – 5:30 – 7 pm https://experiencemercato.com/events/haunted-hoedown/

Family Halloween Monster Bash - Golden Gate Community Center – October 20 - 6 – 8 pm https://www.collierparks.com/event-calendar/halloween-monster-bash-at-godlen-gate-community-center/

Halloween Spooktacular – Cambier Park – October 28 - 3 pm to 5 pm https://www.fifthavenuesouth.com/halloween/

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